Severe reflux and abnormal bowel movements

As a teenager, Alan (aged 58) had started suffering from reflux and heartburn, but for the past 10 years his digestive symptoms had worsened. In particular, Alan was concerned about the consistency and smell of his bowel movements. Alans stools were very light in colour, gluey and foul smelling. He would often suffer from urgency, IBS with back pain, bloating and constipation. Numerous scopes had been inconclusive.

In addition, Alan suffered with poor energy levels which were affecting his performance at work. He felt that rich and fatty foods were a particular issue.

Working with Claire, Alan was able to support digestive processes that appeared to be out of balance. In particular, optimising gall bladder function which seemed to be affected his ability to digest fats.

After implementing a series of recommended changes Alan’s stools normalized, his bloating and reflux reduced  and his energy levels were significantly improved.