IBS-led constipation, bloating and reflux for 20+ years

After many years of digestive issues, Helen was diagnosed with IBS after negative results across several tests, scopes and biopsies.

A long history of stress, persistent anxiety, long-term antibiotic treatment and severe bouts of gastroenteritis had exacerbated this client’s chronic digestive issues, which had started in her 20’s.

Helen suffered from severe constipation, bloating and sharp pains below her diaphragm. She was unable to tolerate large meals and her symptoms were impacting her moods and energy levels.

Claire worked with Helen to adjust her diet away from foods that caused IBS symptoms and helped her to reduce sugar cravings and reliance on coffee which where exacerbating her discomfort and activating her sympathetic nervous system (increasing cortisol levels).

A list of gut-supporting supplements and advice on stress management accompanied the nutrition plan.

As a result of the changes, Helen's bloating significantly decreased, she was able to digest larger meals and she noticed that the quality of her sleep improved. Most importantly for this client, she had returned to daily bowel movements (previously two per week). She continues to work on her stress levels in order to keep her IBS symptoms at bay.