10 years of IBS despite a healthy, unprocessed diet

Lucy 46 sought nutritional therapy advice with Claire for her chronic digestive issues. Bloating, cramping and wind, coupled with moderate constipation, had been a daily trial for this active mother of four.

While Lucy had been symptomatic for the last 10 years, her symptoms had worsened after a period of intense stress, five years previously.

On paper, this client had a super diet: mostly vegetarian, low in sugar with plenty of wholegrains, fruit and vegetables, however despite this her digestive issues and accompanying fatigue were getting her down. She had identified foods that she knew she reacted badly to and was clear that symptoms worsened during stressful periods.

Dietary recommendations included short elimination/reintroduction cycles to pinpoint specific food sensitivities; the consumption of specific gut nourishing foods; avoidance of high FODMAP foods and the reduction of raw meals and fruit (which exacerbated her IBS symptoms).  Digestive support supplements were recommended and Lucy was advised to pay attention to stress management.

At her follow-up appointment, this client reported good improvements, but some symptoms lingered. A positive test for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) helped us to address the remaining digestive imbalance through further dietary modifications and targeted supplements.

After a few months, Lucy was mostly symptom free and able to re-introduce some of the foods she had previously been sensitive to. As part of her long-term self care, she continues to mind sugar levels and stress, which she knows can bring on flares of IBS.