" My name is Gary, I am 27 years old and after having dropped out of uni several years ago due to social anxiety I got into a pretty bad place. I felt like a failure and worried alot about the future, it was around that time that my stomach first started playing up and I found that when I tried to leave the house I got panicky and would need to run to the toilet.

This went on until I got stuck in the house more and more and I got caught in a cycle of feeling even worse about myself. As I was feeling down, I lost the energy of cooking for myself and ended up eating alot of ready meals and takeaways which I knew where really bad for me, but I didn't know how to break the habit- it was like I had forgotten how to feel well again. Everything seemed an effort.

I went and had a consultation with Aisling feeling like I had 'been there done that' but I was so interested as to how differently she helped me understand things and how positive what we did was. It wasn't about analysing and going over the past, but about helping me feel well now and helping me find my own answers how to do that. I changed the negative self-images I had stored in my mind and began to be kinder to myself. When I felt ready I saw Claire and she helped me understand how to change my diet in a way that would allow my gut to heal. Again I felt like a knew alot about diet and had nothing to learn but she too helped me realise specific things I could be doing better. I know what I can do now to maintain this change in the long term "

We knew that the anxiety patterns that Gary was stuck in where causing his body to go into fight or flight response at completely unnecessary times and fuelling the sensitivity of his gut. We knew it been over 5 years since his stomach had felt 'normal' he had forgotten what that actually feels like, we had to work to help him remember.  We did this through mindcoaching and gut-directed hypnotherapy.  Due to all the symptoms he had had over the years, had a lot of fear stored up about eating different foods, as he was always waiting for when his stomach would react.   We helped him build up his confidence and let go of old patterns of anxious thought, the allowed his mind to settle down enough that Nutritional Therapy was the natural next step.  He is building up a healthy relationship with food again and feeling he knows how to maintain this change in the long term.