I got two calls this morning from women in their 30s suffering from IBS problems and as they told me their story over the phone I realised that this story is one we hear again and again…

Does this sound familiar?

Once upon a time…

they had a problem.

It started just a little at the beginning, bloating here and there some discomfort and pain

and at first they just ignored it or hoped it will go away

over time it often gets worse…

some people need to start rushing to the toilet as it can need to empty really quickly

or others feel sluggish and slow like they can’t go at all

for others no matter what they eat it seems to set them off

digestion can feel bloated and uncomfortable

some days jeans just feel really tight

then with seemingly no reason at all it is better the next day

all of this means their gut is running wild, and things can feel like they are getting out of control

and it can make people feel frustrated and down

as when the gut is out of balance it affects how we feel inside

it can sap our energy levels

it can leave us feeling like eating out is a hassle or we avoid big events as it is too risky.

They seek answers.

They try the usual over the counter medicines or spend money on supplements

they try the Fybrogels and the Buscopans

then they go to see their GP who has often heard it all before

and you tell them about their wild unruly digestion - this frustrating Gut that just won’t behave!

they prescribe you something that helps for a short while

You go back and they do investigations

and at the end of it all they cannot find anything physically wrong with the gut

so you eventually hear that there is nothing more the Doctor can do.

Told to accept things the way they are.

“Just have to learn to get used to it, and manage it as best you can”

The person often feels powerless to change it

like they have lost control of a part of their body.

Their gut is becoming an uncontrollable wild child.

It can misbehave and play up with the slightest provocation.

and so often people cut more and more foods out of their diet

eating becomes a hassle

and it can affect enjoyment of life

over time it becomes their ‘normal’

because they have forgotten how good they can feel.

It is time to change this old story.

With the right help it is possible for our clients

to develop an understanding with themselves and their gut

to realise what has been causing it all along

to get the right Nutrition to heal it step by step

the right Mindcoaching to help them change emotional triggers

then to build their confidence again with their body

to wear those jeans again

to go out again and not to worry about what they will eat

to get their life back!

This springtime…

Let us help you rediscover what ‘normal’ is

When you are ready we can show you how.

Get in touch today with Aisling at the IBS Recovery Plan and change your story.