Functional Nutrition



From a Functional Medicine perspective, what you eat can play an important role in allowing the gut to heal.  Many find that their digestive system is sensitive to certain foods, and others find that their IBS symptoms occur no matter what they eat.  


IBS treatment northern ireland

Claire will help you find clarity on your triggers, recognise any broader digestive deficiencies you may have and explain how your diet can help or hinder your road to a healthy digestive system. Your nutrition plan will be entirely unique for you, but each client will experience a thorough gut recovery plan - restoring imbalances and repairing long-term issues.

“You have been an invaluable support to me over the last year offering advice on nutrition supplements, lifestyle and stress management.

I am definitely in a better place with my digestive issues now in comparison to 12 months ago, and that’s all down to your guidance and empathetic approach. “
— Lisa, Co. Antrim

In some cases, diagnostic testing may be recommended to determine or rule out any specific issues. Tests include Comprehensive Stool Tests and hydrogen breath tests to identify SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).