Why choose us?

✔ Confidential specialist help that is tailored to each individual client

✔ Proven track record of helping people recover from IBS

✔ Clear recovery plan agreed together

Flexible payment options and reasonable costs


How do I book a consultation?


Get in touch with us using the Get in Touch page.

We will then schedule your initial consultation where we discuss the structure of therapeutic sessions and a personalised plan for you.  

We never do a box ticking exercise. We personalise the approach depending on the need that is in front of us.

What does our core plan include?

MindCoaching – Average 4 sessions

Your programme begins with an initial assessment session with Aisling Cowan. During the session Aisling will evaluate your case and confirm your suitability for the programme.  In this first session, Aisling will begin working with you on identifying any mental/emotional/stress triggers that may be connected to your IBS.

Your following sessions with Aisling will take place over a 4-8 week period, depending on individual needs and requirements. Each Mindcoaching session is 120 minutes in order to make sure that all possibilities are covered.  Click here to find out more about the specific work that Aisling does.

Four sessions are typically recommended to achieve the best outcomes. Aisling aims to do her work within these core sessions however, depending on life circumstances and other physical issues, further sessions may be required.  This will be considered on a case by case basis and agreed upon with each client.


Nutritional Therapy – Average 2-3 sessions

After your initial assessment appointment, you will be booked in with Nutritional Therapist, Claire Clerkin (this session can take place on the same day if necessary).

Claire will take a full health case history and draw up a map and timeline of your IBS symptoms in relation to your lifestyle, environment and diet. This will enable her to identify any specific imbalances that need to be addressed. After the session, Claire will design a bespoke nutrition and supplement plan for you. Claire specialises in gut-related issues and uses the latest research to inform her clinical practice.

The second consultation will be held 4 weeks later to review progress and plan any next steps.


Body work: Massage / Chiropractic care / cranial-sacral therapy / fascia release - 2-3 sessions

We want to set you up for long-term recovery and build your resilience to future stress triggers. Your Mindcoaching and nutrition sessions will set the foundation for your IBS recovery, but we believe that incorporating other disciplines can enhance your treatment plan.  

Massage and chiropractic care help to enhance our awareness of our body - this allows us to become more in tune with what we are feeling. For some clients these adjunct therapies will be more important than others and will be evaluated case by case.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

The power of touch to nourish the nervous system is well-understood. This element of the IBS Recovery Programme will help you to connect with your body to shift any stored up stress without having to 'put words on it'.  These therapies are useful to incorporate into your long-term self-care plan.  

We may vary in what order we offer the different types of therapy, depending on you as an individual.

Who is the IBS recovery plan suitable for?

The IBS recovery plan is suitable for anyone with a formal diagnosis of IBS, where no clear physiological reason for the symptoms can be found.  It is also for someone who does not have a 'formal' diagnosis of IBS, but intuitively knows that their symptoms are often stress related.

 The recovery plan is not suitable for someone with inflammatory bowel conditions such as Colitis or Crohns disease, however if you suffer from these conditions and would like additional nutrition advice or to work on other emotional issues, please do get in contact and we can discuss.  If, during the course of our initial consultations we perceive any red flag symptoms, we will refer you to your GP for evaluation.

Do you work with people on medications?

This is judged by a case by case basis. We prefer to work with people free from anti-depressants as it affects the quality of the sessions and can greatly impact your digestive system due to their effect on serotonin.  However as large percentage of adults (and young people) are on commonly prescribed SSRI anti-depressants, we decide when we meet you if we will work with you or not.   We do not work with people on Lithium or other stronger psychiatric medication. The IBS recovery plan is not a replacement for psychiatric or medical care.  At your first session or over the phone you will be asked about any medical conditions or medication you are taking.  If you are under a Doctors care you must continue to follow the advice of your medical practitioner and in very particular cases we may ask for approval before proceeding.


Do you use diagnostic testing?

During your initial assessment with Claire, functional testing may be discussed. This could include:

  • Comprehensive Stool Testing

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation

  • SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) testing

Claire will discuss the merits of undertaking any tests and these are costed separately from the consultations.