Overcoming Emotional Eating


Overcoming Emotional Eating


Why do I eat when stressed?

How can I balance my blood sugar?

Why can I never stick to a diet?

Get to the root cause of emotional eating and learn how to break out of the cycle. 

In house emotional eating expert, Aisling Cowan, and our Registered Nutritional Therapist, Claire Clerkin, will present a seminar on how to address emotional eating.

Aisling will help you understand the foundations of emotional eating – why feelings of food guilt start and how they are perpetuated. She will then offer advice  and techniques on how to get out of the emotional eating cycle.

Claire will speak about how to manage cravings and provide practical tips for making healthy food choices which can prevent you making poor food choices.

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Takes place 10am-2pm investment £40 (lunch included)

Colinglen Allotments & Healthy Living Centre

29 Colinglen Road BT17OLR