Gut Feeling Workshop


Gut Feeling Workshop


Join us for a repeat of this popular workshop!

We often hear from our clients:

What is IBS?

What can I do to heal my gut?

Is anxiety related to IBS?

At this half-day event Claire and Aisling will cover the basic principles of our integrated approach to IBS and help you discover practical steps to manage or resolve your IBS symptoms. 

Our approach to working with IBS ties together the mind-body triggers of symptoms – research increasingly shows that the digestive system and our emotions are intricately linked and this could be the key to relieving your IBS symptoms.

Registered Nutritional Therapist Claire Clerkin and Mindcoach Aisling Cowan bring together expertise from different areas of gastrointestinal and neurological research, psychology and basic biology.

During the workshop you will:
- map out your IBS symptoms and timeline
- learn about the influence of diet in managing IBS
- experience how your emotions can impact IBS and how to deal with them
- get the opportunity to ask your specific questions to IBS experts

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Saturday 30th September 10am-2pm (investment £40)

Colinglen Allotments & Health Living Centre

29 Colinglen Road BT17 OLR