Our Bodywork Approach

IBS treatment Belfast

When we have been locked into certain emotional patterns, the chemical messengers that are released affect every cell in our body.

It used to be thought that 'the mind' could only be affected by talking, now a more modern understanding treats the body as a complex network.   Anyone who has every had a deep tissue massage will tell you how it can radically change how you feel!

Feeling better physically can affect mental/emotional wellbeing in a very direct way

When IBS is an issue, it often indicates a disconnect between our mind and our physical body. People often do not know why their digestive system is behaving the way it is.  It can develop a feeling of their head being separate from the rest of their body.

Clients can often feel frustration and resentment at their digestive system

With some clients we need to bring back body awareness, and understanding that often emotions or stress can be released without having to 'put words on them.'  Some body work therapies can help restore balance to the entire system. When we are balanced physically, it can greatly help our emotional resilience.


For some people regular body work can greatly help in long term health maintenance.  This could include chiropractic care, cranial-sacral therapymassage or reflexology - depending on what we feel is most suitable for you.  As our programme is designed and tailored for you, body work will be more emphasised in some cases than others.