We understand IBS differently.

We are interested in food and feelings.

We believe that with the right expertise you can actually resolve the majority of IBS symptoms. We use an integrated approach to dealing with the root causes of your digestive discomfort with the aim of long-term resolution. The IBS Recovery Plan uses a joined-up approach of MindCoaching,  Functional Nutrition and Bodywork to help you identify the causes of your IBS and set you on the path to resolving your symptoms.


Why choose us?

✔ Confidential specialist help that is tailored to each individual client

✔ Proven track record of helping people recover from IBS

✔ Clear recovery plan agreed together

Flexible payment options and reasonable costs

✔ Based at a beautiful wellness clinic in Belfast

How does the IBS Recovery Plan work?

The IBS Recovery Plan is an integrated approach to resolving symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) based in a beautiful wellness clinic in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

If you are experiencing IBS you are not alone, more and more people are developing GI and digestive problems.

These digestive problems are impacting a growing number of people in the UK - an estimated 20-30% saying they suffer from IBS and digestive problems regularly.

We have simplified the best available approaches for resolving IBS under one RECOVERY PLAN.  

We use an evidence-based, integrated approach to IBS.

Claire and Aisling went on a journey of IBS research, thinking and discovery with our clients, and have brought together a plan that works.   Not even the best experts know it all, and we have built success treating each person as an individual and tailoring a plan to suit their specific needs.  This programme brings together expertise from different areas of gastrointestinal and neurological research, psychology and basic biology.  

Your personal plan is managed by two qualified nutrition experts who have the time and passion to help you towards recovery:


Aisling Cowan

& Claire Clerkin

Don’t let this become your ‘normal’ it IS possible to recover from IBS

Our approach ties together the mind-body triggers of IBS symptoms. Research increasingly shows the body is a complex network; the digestive system and our emotions are intricately linked via the nervous system. Often people with IBS already understand this and already know when their symptoms flare up!

Some points worth understanding about IBS:

  1. IBS is caused by a number of factors and they are different for each person.

  2. The digestive system does not and cannot work in isolation to the rest of the body.  Our enteric nervous system which controls our gut function is linked to the brain via the vagus nerve.

  3. No drug can cure IBS, due to the highly complex nature of the condition.

  4. The traditional approach to IBS is typically about management of symptoms, but we believe in working towards a positive resolution.

  5. The gut / brain axis is at the heart of IBS.  Latest scientific evidence shows that there is a two way communication system between the gut and the brain. The gut is known as the enteric nervous system, or ‘second’ brain. It communicates closely with the brain and vice versa.


What is included in the IBS RECOVERY PLAN?

In order to get the best results we help you understand and change a number of areas: the Gut-Feelings, the right Nutrition, Digestive System Imbalances and the Physical  Body. The starting point varies and journey differs from person to person: we will work with you to create a tailored action plan and put you on your journey to resolving your symptoms.



av. 4 sessions

IBS Hypnotherapy

Find out more about Hypnotherapy Mindcoaching

I can help you find and understand the emotional and behaviour triggers that are keeping you locked in a cycle of IBS
— Aisling Cowan Mindcoach & Nutritionist


Nutritional Therapy

av. 2 sessions

Nutritional Therapy

Find out more about functional nutrition

Overall health is gained and maintained by viewing the body as a whole – as a series of interconnected systems. Nutritional therapy can bring balance back into the system
— Claire Clerkin Nutritional Therapist

Body work approach

av. 2 sessions

IBS solutions

Bodywork can help restore balance

Bodywork can help when someone has been feeling stuck. The body can be influenced through the mind, and the mind can be influenced through the body
— Anne Matthews Holistic Chiropractor

By looking at stress/anxiety triggers, the microbiome, genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle we can assess where your IBS may be coming from and design a multi-faceted recovery plan for you. We work with you as a cohesive team to support and guide you through the programme.